Caravan Rentals – Short Term

Smiley Caravan Rentals offers short term static caravan hire for periods of between one day and two months. Click here to get a quote or contact us.

Caravan Rentals – Long Term

If you need to rent a caravan to live in, and you’re in the Auckland area, we have over 200 static caravans to rent long term at amazing prices. The caravans below are an example of our rental fleet. The majority of our rental caravans have permanent double beds built in as well as high density foam mattresses for a more enjoyable sleep. We have two full-time maintenance workers who are continuously refurbishing our rental caravans as well as being on call should maintenance be required on a caravan already out on hire.

We deliver these caravans to the site of your choice within the greater Auckland area and connect all the required services.

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West Auckland Phone: 09 416 0398

rent a small caravan to live in - Auckland

Small Caravans

The caravan to rent above is a 15ft Liteweight caravan with a permanent double bed and two single beds. This caravan is equipped with a small fridge and a two element stove.

Rental Price: $90 per week for a period of two months or more.

inside a medium static caravan to rent and live in anywhere in Auckland

Medium Caravans

The static caravan above is a Liteweight 20ft caravan and has a fixed dble bed, bar fridge, single bed and stove.

Rental Price: $130 per week for a period of two months or more.

large static caravans to rent long term in Auckland

Large Caravans

The rental caravan above is a 25ft Pioneer caravan. This caravan is great to live in as it is fully equipped with a separate bedroom, dining area, two smaller beds, shower, fridge/freezer and electric stove with oven.

Rental Price: $150 per week for a period of two months or more.